Saturday, June 7, 2008


YOU are the man who used to boast,
that YOU had achieved the uttermost,

YOU merely wished a show,
to demonstrate how much YOU know,
And prove the distance YOU can go............

Another year we have just passed through,
what new ideas came to YOU?
How many big things did YOU do?

TIME.....left twelve fresh months in YOUR care,
How many of them did u share,
with oppurtunity and dare,
Again where YOU so often missed??

We do not find YOU on the list of makers good.
Explain the fact!!!!
Ah no, it wasnt the chance YOU lacked!!!!
As usual- YOU failed to act.

1 comment:

Sneha Kapoor said...

Hey, that's very well put across!! Loved the way you concluded it - It wasn't the chance you lacked, but the fact dat u failed 2 act - as usual. :)

Keep writin. Lookin forward for more such thoughts.

Have a great day!