Friday, June 13, 2008

What is the potential in this business?

Now people generally tend to ask What is the potential?
Everyone in this world is working to achieve their financial goals to lead a happy life. So here is one of the oppurtunities.
In network marketing the company pays you for the turnover happening inside your network.
lets say x% of total sales happens under your network and the same thing continues for your downlines. i.e. larger the network, more the sales and greater the commission.
So instead of confusing with the figures and statistics, I would like to say you can earn as much as you think you can.
Network marketting is a concept like franchisee (Mc Donalds, Dominoes, Pizza hut, KFC etc) to do the business. When we talk about business, the first thing we are worried about is the capital and then the returns. Positive thing about network marketting is that "INVESTMENT" is too low and returns are maximum.
But in order to have those returns you should be self disciplined ,willing to work hard & smart.

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