Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why YOU should do this business?

Over here what we would talk about is YOU!! Have YOU ever given a thought how have YOU been leading your life these many years? If not, then this is the time.
How many of YOU have wanted to help someone(family, friend, colleague etc), but some how failed due to lack of time, money or any other personal reason? Infact this question would touch many people's heart. Infact many people answer this question vaguely 'I am not in a position to help others'. Isn't this just a statement to console one self? Have YOU ever given a thought on what YOU can do to change YOUR position?
Please do not get offended when I say YOU. It definitely includes me also. I am also in the same ship as YOU are in but I have given a thought and thats why I am writing this so that YOU also give it a thought and thats the reason I have named this blog as BUSINESS SCHOOL...FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE!!!!
Now, the question that immediately strikes our mind is What type of help are we giving to people?
97% people in this world are facing problems in life falling in these 3 categories
1)Personal (Relationship)
2)Professional(Work load, relation ship with boss/colleagues etc)
3)Financial ( people saying 'I dont have money')
How many people YOU know fall in these categories?
Almost 100% people we meet have problems falling in these categories and are often helpless. It doesn't mean that other 3% in the world do not face problems, but they are the ones who have solutions to their problems.
So here is the oppurtunity YOU can present to people for finding a solution to this problem.

One thing I would want to clarify is that we are not doing any charity. What we are doing is pure business.
So in this business of "NETWORK MARKETTING", people work together and share a great relationship. Well YOU can guess how much potential is there.
YOU have the oppurtunity to help others to achieve their financial goals and by doing this YOU are achieving YOUR Goals too. YOU can work with YOUR friends/family/neighbours etc. YOU would have the time to enjoy with YOUR friends and family.
Half of our energies is spent resenting and putting down others. Its rightly said "Resenting someone is like drinking poison YOURSELF and waiting for others to die". Instead why not help people and establish a great relationship.
Every one dreams of having a trust worthy relationship with friends and family where they can share everything and enjoy every moment.
So friends I would like to invite YOU to do this Business and share this oppurtunity to achieve everything YOU have dreamt of.

Remember "Every one is leading a good life, but in order to do something better YOU have to give up something good" by Rober Kiyosaki ,

Until next time,
Wishing YOU Success
Hakim Jamali

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