Monday, August 18, 2008

Are all Network Marketting companies Genuine?

Does Network Marketting company pay you?
Well not all companies are fake. You can see above a smart and handsome guy (You can have your own opinions) holding a cheque paid to him by the NETWORK MARKETTING company.Well that guy is none other than myself. People may have bitter experiences with the company, but that happens due to lack of information about the company. You got to make a thorough research on the company, its products & its credibility.
I do not promote any specific company or product. I have my own system of Network Marketting, Its different from what others are doing and its based on 5 pillars of Success : Integrity, Character, Relationship, Existence & Enrollment.
Now the question Arises What Do I deal with??
I deal in Health, Wealth & Technology.
Every one in this world wants to be healthy & look good. So we deal with No.1 brand Health products & also Insurance policy for investment & tax saving purpose.Talking about wealth, If you dream of being financially free, want to be rich & successfull join us in this business and see wonders.
Being an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer we deal with Telecom Products as well & are consultants for small scale Industries for automation purpose.

What You would be doing after joining me?
Who ever you are engineer,doctor,accountant, designer etc you can comfortably do this business. The only thing required to do this business is that You should be a dreamer. You get paid for the total turn over made under and by you. Dont worry about help, The system created is such that every one would be ready to help you & guide you. Its win/win situation for everybody.

Whats the "vision" behind starting such a business?
Every person joins this business with different expectations & dreams. But to start every business a vision is required. In business world people think of is profits only. The rich becomes richer & poor poorer. Inflation, Unemployment, recession effects common man & not these business man.So thinking above all this, we have a vision of creating a world in which business is not only profit making but also helping people to achieve financial freedom & making them lead happy lives professionally,personally & financially.
I want YOU all taking the pain to read this article to wake up & join us to make this vision a reality.
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