Friday, June 13, 2008

What is the potential in this business?

Now people generally tend to ask What is the potential?
Everyone in this world is working to achieve their financial goals to lead a happy life. So here is one of the oppurtunities.
In network marketing the company pays you for the turnover happening inside your network.
lets say x% of total sales happens under your network and the same thing continues for your downlines. i.e. larger the network, more the sales and greater the commission.
So instead of confusing with the figures and statistics, I would like to say you can earn as much as you think you can.
Network marketting is a concept like franchisee (Mc Donalds, Dominoes, Pizza hut, KFC etc) to do the business. When we talk about business, the first thing we are worried about is the capital and then the returns. Positive thing about network marketting is that "INVESTMENT" is too low and returns are maximum.
But in order to have those returns you should be self disciplined ,willing to work hard & smart.

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Wishing For Your Success
Hakim Jamali

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why you should do THIS business?

Note: If you are reading this without reading prior article, I would recommend you to please read those in order to understand the contents of this articles.

Isn't the question asked previously same as this one? Then whats the difference?

To understand it better, previously we talked about YOU doing the business and over here we would talk about why you should go for NETWORK MARKETING.

To start with, if you take any product in this world, it exists just because of "word of mouth". Whenever you use something and like it, you recommend it to your friends and family.
Do you know why?
Just because you care about them and you want them to use something better which is tried and tested. Would you ever recommend them something which you have found it bad. You will generally talk bad about it and do you think will that product be able to survive if the "word of mouth" is bad?

How many people look at advetisements and really buy the products?
There may be very few people who would be actually doing this and the rest go by "word of mouth". So thats a big concern for the companies. There was an article in the news paper which revealed that people usually watch advetisements for entertainment purpose and very few bought products out of advertisements. This raised a huge concerns for companies that is spending huge sum of money on advertisements.

Big companies recruit big stars as their brand ambassadors. But no one knows whether Amitabh uses navratna oil, salman wears lux undergarments or shahrukh has dish TV at his home.

I am not concerned about advertisements or big stars. My concern is the huge amount of money which is going in distribution and advertisements of this products.

Now, since you have invested so much time reading all this, your concern would be" How can we gain out of this"?

What if these companies directly deal with you i.e you are made the distributor as well as the brand ambassador for a company and you get to earn this income which big stars and distributors earn? If you are thinking this is possible then, here is your call and thats what 'NETWORK MARKETTING' is all about.

Over here the company directly deals with you. You get the franchise of the company. The only thing we have to do is share our experience with other people and recommend the products to them. You have been sharing and recommending many things to your friends/family. All this time you have been doing this for free but now you also have the oppurtunity to earn by sharing with others and you can also help others to earn.

Over here you can become a distributor as well as franchiser. You can sell the franchisee and help other people start their own business and prosper yours and his financial goals.

The most important part of NETWORK MARKETING is even if you stop working, your network won't stop working for you because all people who have joined your network are
working to acheive their goals and hence your cash flow does not stop.

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Wishing For Your Success

Hakim Jamali

Saturday, June 7, 2008


YOU are the man who used to boast,
that YOU had achieved the uttermost,

YOU merely wished a show,
to demonstrate how much YOU know,
And prove the distance YOU can go............

Another year we have just passed through,
what new ideas came to YOU?
How many big things did YOU do?

TIME.....left twelve fresh months in YOUR care,
How many of them did u share,
with oppurtunity and dare,
Again where YOU so often missed??

We do not find YOU on the list of makers good.
Explain the fact!!!!
Ah no, it wasnt the chance YOU lacked!!!!
As usual- YOU failed to act.

Why YOU should do this business?

Over here what we would talk about is YOU!! Have YOU ever given a thought how have YOU been leading your life these many years? If not, then this is the time.
How many of YOU have wanted to help someone(family, friend, colleague etc), but some how failed due to lack of time, money or any other personal reason? Infact this question would touch many people's heart. Infact many people answer this question vaguely 'I am not in a position to help others'. Isn't this just a statement to console one self? Have YOU ever given a thought on what YOU can do to change YOUR position?
Please do not get offended when I say YOU. It definitely includes me also. I am also in the same ship as YOU are in but I have given a thought and thats why I am writing this so that YOU also give it a thought and thats the reason I have named this blog as BUSINESS SCHOOL...FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE!!!!
Now, the question that immediately strikes our mind is What type of help are we giving to people?
97% people in this world are facing problems in life falling in these 3 categories
1)Personal (Relationship)
2)Professional(Work load, relation ship with boss/colleagues etc)
3)Financial ( people saying 'I dont have money')
How many people YOU know fall in these categories?
Almost 100% people we meet have problems falling in these categories and are often helpless. It doesn't mean that other 3% in the world do not face problems, but they are the ones who have solutions to their problems.
So here is the oppurtunity YOU can present to people for finding a solution to this problem.

One thing I would want to clarify is that we are not doing any charity. What we are doing is pure business.
So in this business of "NETWORK MARKETTING", people work together and share a great relationship. Well YOU can guess how much potential is there.
YOU have the oppurtunity to help others to achieve their financial goals and by doing this YOU are achieving YOUR Goals too. YOU can work with YOUR friends/family/neighbours etc. YOU would have the time to enjoy with YOUR friends and family.
Half of our energies is spent resenting and putting down others. Its rightly said "Resenting someone is like drinking poison YOURSELF and waiting for others to die". Instead why not help people and establish a great relationship.
Every one dreams of having a trust worthy relationship with friends and family where they can share everything and enjoy every moment.
So friends I would like to invite YOU to do this Business and share this oppurtunity to achieve everything YOU have dreamt of.

Remember "Every one is leading a good life, but in order to do something better YOU have to give up something good" by Rober Kiyosaki ,

Until next time,
Wishing YOU Success
Hakim Jamali

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What does it take to launch a Business ?

You all would hear your minds screaming in unison saying: WHERE IS THE CAPITAL? But I hear my mind calmly responding: "Dude, its Networking & Relationship!" This is because we have business icons like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Narayan Murthy and a few more to exemplify how time compounding plays a more vital role in establishing a launch pad for your business.
Hey did I just say Time Compounding - a new phrase - a new style - and of course a promising way to help your emerging business grow. Too much to start with? Fine let me break down the concept into two smaller and digestable parts. Time & Compounding. Dealing with the latter, compounding means "To add ; increase " .... "

Hey no person in this world can work for more than 24hrs(provided he does not sleep, eat and what ever you can imagine) and we know ‘Time Is Money’. So even if we want to earn more, we can at max put 24hrs.

But these great people had the ability to put more than 24hrs a day. Interesting isn’t it?
This can only happen purely through networking. Let us take any business man like Ray Kroc (Founder of Mc Donald’s), Bill Gates (Microsoft founder) etc had the ability to work beyond 24hrs, which has made them rich, successful and financially free.

With every Mc Donald’s outlet functioning all over the world, that many hours are added into Ray Kroc’s account. Same is the case with Microsoft. With every person spending time to use a Microsoft product that many hours are added in Bill Gates account and that’s what makes him the richest person in the world. So it’s nothing but pure networking and to establish that network you need to develop a good relationship.

Now do you think Bill gates and Ray Kroc are still working? No, Ray Kroc is already dead and his son’s are neither working too they are just managing and nor do bill gates has to work. Their network is doing all magic for them even now! They are counting dollars, doing charity and have all the time for their family, friends and society!! It’s just because of the pain they took to develop their strong network that they are enjoying this freedom.

Hey what are you thinking???
So you can imagine what a network can do for you. Till now we have always been hearing and seeing Time+ = Money+ and Time - = Money -. The more time you spend earning, the lesser the time you have for your family, friends and yourself and above all no secured income. 97% of people are leading such lives, Do you want to be one of them?

Now you are alive, healthy and working so you haven’t thought about it. What if you are dead? What will happen to your family? Is there a secured Income which will keep them alive or they will be dead with you? What if you have health problems or loose your job? Who will feed you? Do you have a continuous source of secured income which will keep you and your families still live a respectful life?
My point is not to make you fearful, I am just trying to make you face the bitter truth which no one wants to imagine and no one is prepared for it.
In the initial phase of building a Network, there would be a one-to-one relation between Time and Money. Gradually as your network grows you would learn that investing one part of your time will yield you three times more the money. Moving ahead, after you have established a powerful network you would experience that without sowing time you are reaping infinite monetary benefits.
In short : " In the biz world, logic leads to magic."

Well that’s all.
Always Remember
Make Efforts, Not Execuses”.

Wishing For Your Success

Hakim Jamali